Possible Misunderstandings Workshops

Teams of kids created skits about misunderstandings between people of different cultures and performed them for the whole group. 

Then each team painted a figure in native costume depicting one of the cultures from their skit. The figures cross their hearts with their arms, like the SYMBOL of ALL PEOPLE’S DAY, and link hands representing unity. These paintings decorate the festival stage.

Participants created the figures in the symbol using color references of the traditional costumes of many countries made by the founder of APD. A reference book with visual how-to instructions was available during training, residency, and for purchase. Below are a few examples from the book:

Life size figures by students were also on display at the

Atlantic City Museum in New Jersey.

Disproving Prejudice Lies

through the Craft Dough People project 

People Ages 11-Adult form teams of 5. Each team member made one large face working with a different color from the plain white dough. They could  add a hat to identify specific issues. A definition of prejudice was given and many prejudice lies were identified and discussed. Each team created a skit of conflict involving a prejudice lie that was debunked and the need for cooperation to solve a mutual problem. Team mates took on the identity of their sculpture. They wore their sculptures on their chests, so their different issues would be recognized by the audience during their performance for the other teams and possibly at a celebration or festival.